Our mission is to close the care gap between Asian women practitioners and the Asian women community.


Our community of Asian women is actively seeking care from Asian women practitioners. Over 50% of Asian women in The Cosmos currently seek care from a mental health or wellness practitioner, but the process of finding care has been discouraging.

What works: Stories centering the Asian women community, and you.

Your stories will live in The Cosmos Care Package, a weekly newsletter with the mission to center Asian American women stories. We’ve written 70 issues to date, and our average open and conversion rates are far above industry average. 

By working with us, you can:

If there's alignment between your mission and ours, read the full story about working with us here:


Care Package Issues go live on Mondays at 5 PM ET. You will see this as the only option for booking time for Cosmos Classifieds and Cosmos Co-Marketing. 


Booking confirmation is required at least 7 days in advance of your publication date (i.e., if you want your feature to be published on Oct 7, you must confirm by Oct 1). Upon confirmation, you will receive a personal email from our team with next steps within 1 business day!

If you have any questions, please reach out at

  • 2 sentences about your offering + link to your site or booking page

    50 US dollars
  • Guest edit an issue with a ~200 word personal story + call to action

    250 US dollars


Create more stories — our community is beautifully diverse, and there are still many who don’t see themselves in existing Asian narratives. We can change that.


Create with a 100% Asian women creative and production team — who’s behind the words matters.


Tell authentic and human stories — no LinkedIn or “salesy” pitches here!


Be honest about the complexity and nuance of being an Asian woman — so more Asian women can see and accept themselves as they are.