Why "The Cosmos"?

For thousands of years, people of the world have looked up at the stars and sky to wonder about our place in the universe.

From the earliest Hindu Vedic texts (1700–1100 BC) to the Ancient Greeks to The Big Bang theory, civilizations across time have attempted to make sense of the cosmos.

What is the relationship between the earth and the heavens?
Why are things the way they are?
How do we fit into the bigger picture?

Cosmology - the study of the origin, evolution, and eventual fate of the universe - was born out of curious desire to understand our existence and potential. And today, we are no different. The timeless search for answers and yearning to connect to something greater is a large part of our lives as Asian women and gender non-binary creators of the diaspora. Choosing The Cosmos for our name symbolizes our commitment to making space for big questions, our wildest dreams, and community magic.


Our Creative Vision

Branding The Cosmos was a step into the unknown, which was both liberating and terrifying because what we’ve created doesn’t exist in society yet. Our community as a whole is in the middle of discovering the Asian / American culture.

We asked ourselves the bold question–what does an Asian women and gender non-binary brand look and feel like in America?

We aimed to develop a brand that is first and foremost genuine to our community and at the same time redefines feminine power. Our custom, hand lettered logo embodies the values our community holds. It’s strong and soft. It’s confident, smart, and open-minded.

The rhythm of the thin and thick strokes all move towards the right to symbolize our community moving forward together. The playful nature of the distinctive hand lettering brings the authenticity of the human touch. The Cosmos is composed in a triangle because the triangle is the strongest geometric shape; this signifies the strength in our community as a collective.