We produce custom experiences by Asian women, for Asian women, described as “effortless sisterhood”.

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The Cosmos New Year Market creates a micro-economy to support Asian women and gender non-binary small businesses and brands.

The Cosmos New Year Market is a curated marketplace celebrating local East, Southeast, and South Asian women and gender non-binary artists, brands, and small businesses. We’re all about creating a platform for our community to get visibility and get paid for their work.

We’re looking for partners to bring The Cosmos Market to the West Coast and Midwest - get in touch today!


Tarul Kode Tripathi and Tejal Angolkar, founder of Sanaya Set

“As first-generation South Asian womxn, our life experiences have shown us that feminism goes beyond gender. We believe in intersectional feminism: understanding our overlapping identities and how these factors impact the way we experience oppression and discrimination. To us, this means recognizing our diversity makes us stronger, makes us beautiful. Most importantly, it means pulling each other up.”


Hannah Bae, founder of Noona’s Ice Cream

“My company, Noona's Ice Cream, focuses on making Asian-inspired ice cream flavors in surprisingly delicious ways. Noona means big sister in Korean, and I named the company after the word to represent women entrepreneurs and bring a unique approach to culinary combinations with a modern Asian flair.”


The Cosmos Book Club supports Asian women and gender non-binary authors across the diaspora.

The Cosmos Book Club supports Asian / American diasporic literature written by women and gender non-binary authors as we engage in thoughtful discussions as a community around identity, politics, and life experiences.

Press: New York Times (“Book Clubs Get Especially Clubby”)

Past partners: Penguin Random House, Little A Books, Asian American Writers’ Workshop, Boba Guys, and Yooeating

Past authors: Crystal Hana Kim (If You Leave Me), Lisa Ko (The Leavers), Nicole Chung (All You Can Ever Know) and more!


The Cosmos Workshops provide a platform for Asian women and gender non-binary creators to authentically share their work and expertise.

What does creative learning look like when taught by an Asian woman? How can we empower ourselves to address mental health with culturally relevant care? Our Asian women-led workshops help us get the education we need to flourish and thrive as creators.

Partners we’ve worked with: Warner Brothers, Passion Planner, Little Joy, Quiet Girl Collective, BuzzFeed, O. School, BetterBrave