Cassandra Lam, Co-Founder & CEO

I am on a mission to change the way we live and work from the inside out. Upon graduating from UCLA with a B.A. in Political Science and zero desire to stick to "the plan" (read: law school), I embarked on a journey of self-discovery to confront and challenge traditional notions about work, fulfillment, and success. I’ve spent the last 4 years gaining experience as a big data consultant at Opera Solutions with a focus on business development, strategy, and implementation for enterprise-level clients in retail, financial services, and telecommunications. As a yoga teacher and co-founder of The Cosmos, I’m passionate about creating experiences and spaces that inspire autonomy and empower people of color to flourish and thrive.

A San Gabriel Valley native and proud daughter of Vietnamese boat refugee parents, I now live in Brooklyn. In my spare time, you can often find me playing catch-up with an endless queue of podcasts, indulging in oat milk matcha lattes, and indulging in solo dance parties in my apartment.


Karen Mok, Co-Founder & COO

I’m an experience designer and community builder. Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, I identify as the daughter of Chinese immigrants. My experience growing up between cultures inspired my passion for empowering Asian women as Co-Founder of The Cosmos. At age 16, I started my first company through the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, a non-profit with the mission to provide entrepreneurship education in low-income communities. This ignited a passion for supporting entrepreneurs and creators in underserved communities. I went on a journey working for and with Stripe, The Omidyar Network, Google, and The Inter-American Development Bank on empowering entrepreneurial communities in emerging markets.

I lived The Alchemist - journeying far and at one point even managing a continent only to realize that my impact was back home. In more fun news, I write poetry on an anonymous tumblr and moonlight as a dumpling chef. 


Bianca Ng, Creative Director

I'm a Chinese-American designer and artist who investigates the Asian American identity, mental health, and vulnerability. My work was featured in the Type Directors Club, The Seventh Wave, Womankind Art Exhibit, and more. My background is in branding, illustration, and print design, but I'm also known for my interdisciplinary passion projects. When I’m not running around, I’m experimenting with analog processes or engaging with food, whether it’s eating, watching, or cooking.

Currently, I'm a Brooklyn-based freelance designer. In 2017, I founded Take Up Space, a visual storytelling project that celebrates women’s voices.


Gloria Lin, Head of Social/Content

👋, I'm Gloria. I'm a content strategist, writer, and creative technologist. I began my creative career when I committed to doing thing per week that scared me, and finding a way to combine creativity, tech, and activism into my livelihood was my biggest fear of all. I beat both the challenge and the fear.

My former lives have included leading 3,500+ creative professionals of color to navigate personal and professional success, building digital voices for a Fortune 20 brand, and sleeping on bleachers at various college hackathons to research the tech diversity pipeline.

My commitment to building inclusive creative spaces drives my 9-5 and 5-9. I also make a mean Spotify playlist, and harbor dreams of becoming a Zumba instructor.


Carolyn Yoo, The Cosmos Book Club Lead

I am a Korean-American senior software engineer and writer based in Brooklyn. I currently build content management systems and productivity tools at 2U and previously worked in luxury fashion e-commerce, both in engineering and marketing.

During my free time I love to read, which inspired me to create The Cosmos Book Club to hold space for Asian women to find and discuss diverse narratives on the journey of better understanding themselves.

I also enjoy dabbling in creative endeavors like dancing or watercolor, learning about the depths of the human brain, and interviewing others about work and purpose.


Irena Xia, Designer

I am a first-generation Chinese-American. Raised in the Bay Area, I studied at UPenn, and now I reside in Brooklyn. I’m a designer and stationery addict. When I’m not at my 9 to 5, I like to discover new creative outlets and I’m always looking to collaborate!


Linh-Yen Hoang, Designer

Originally from Michigan, I’m a Vietnamese American artist and designer. I graduated from the University of Michigan and I currently work in advertising as a production designer. I’m also obsessed with printed materials. I constantly seek out rad zines and printed works of art on top of doing my own printmaking and illustrations.

For me, this community is a place that celebrates what it means to be an Asian women and it gives me a space to thrive in that identity.


Jennifer Kan, Community and Partnerships Manager

Born in Vancouver, raised in the Midwest, and cultured in California, I strive to leave things better than I found it. As a Chinese-American people-enthusiast, I am empowered to build this widespread community that is The Cosmos.

My initial interest in people and communities began at UC San Diego through my education and involvement on campus. That led me to my role at Bespoke Partners, where I focused on connecting businesses to executives for open opportunities. Currently, I am developing a professional understanding of individuals and organizations as a Master's degree student of Social-Organizational Psychology at Columbia University.

In my free time, you can find me hunting for greenery in Manhattan to walk my goldendoodle, Moko, or camped out at a coffee shop. 


Amethyst Wang-Hoyer, Editorial Director

I'm a Chinese and Taiwanese American writer based in Brooklyn. I've written about fashion, style, interior design, and general life things. Born and raised in LA, I graduated at UC Davis with a B.A. in Asian American Studies. I've always been driven to help define what it means to be Asian, and I hope to write our way through that process.

Currently, I'm a freelance writerwedding illustrator, and calligrapher, with a love for all things Asian and Asian American media and pop culture.


Doreen Naor, Head of Summit

I am passionate about working on mission-driven projects and seek out organizations that have made a commitment to making our world a happier, safer and more sustainable place. Over the years I have taken on a variety of roles, including executive producer, project manager, head of operations and more! Through it all, one thing has remained consistent: I love bringing together and working with teams that creatively and efficiently bring impactful ideas to life.

The Cosmos Summit is especially exciting for me because it allows me to tap into a part of my identity and history that I don't often pay enough attention to. The question of where I'm from has always been a difficult one to answer, being a first generation American with a parent born and raised in Israel, of Persian descent on one side, and unknown (but possibly Egyptian or Portuguese?) descent on the other. Connecting with other women and non-binary individuals who have felt lost in this identity limbo is powerful, and something I look forward to exploring more through this project.

In my free time, I can be found eating / cooking / dreaming about food (#vegannomz), dancing, reading, listening to a podcast and attempting to spend as much time outdoors as possible!