The Pillars

The Pillars is how we understand our right to livelihood.  We believe that growth in each Pillar is crucial to our overall well-being, that The Pillars reinforce one another, and that we live our best lives when we feel supported in each Pillar.

  1. Wellness: Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual health
  2. Family & Relationships: Intergenerational relationships, intimacy, self-love
  3. Finance: Personal finance, investing, savings, budgeting
  4. Career: Professional development, leadership, coaching, mentorship
  5. Creativity: Design, passion projects, arts, crafts
  6. Politics & Culture: Food, music, art, media, politics

Each Pillar represents a value we care about as complex, multidimensional women. Under each Pillar are topics that we believe are important to explore, individually and collectively, on the journey to flourish and thrive. 

Why did you create The Pillars?

If you look up "work-life balance" on the Internet, over 100 million search results come up. While certainly not new, this concept is heavily circulated these days as the gold standard for living your best life. However, if we're being honest, it never really made sense to us. 

The term "work-life balance" implies a dichotomy where you can either have one or the other, but not both at the same time. It separates your career from your well-being, your productivity from your creativity, and your professional development from your personal development. We're not willing to accept that as the ideal or the norm. We want to aim higher.

When we realized that "work-life balance" wasn't enough, we decided to create a new perspective. The most important thing? It should make us feel good. So instead of trying to fit our lives into Work vs. Life containers, we imagined a framework that would make space for growth, aspiration, and ambition.