The Cosmos Retreats

Our 3-day Retreats bring Asian women together to explore what it means to flourish and thrive - not just at work, but in all aspects of our lives. Through interactive workshops, hands-on activities, and thoughtfully facilitated conversations, we will re-imagine personal and professional growth as part of our overall wellness.

Past attendees call the experience "Effortless Sisterhood" - you will meet new lifelong friends, learn from new perspectives, and join a community that supports your best life during the Retreat and beyond.



OCT 5-7 

Join The Cosmos in upstate New York for a transformative 3-Day Weekend Retreat in the Catskills, New York.

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Bessie C.

seattle, jan 2018

"I think I speak for more than myself, but I had felt such a loneliness and alienation for not having people in my life to have conversations as candid as we did. It's such a relief not to feel that way anymore because I feel like I suddenly have sisters I had never before."

jennifer x.

seattle, jan 2018

"It was powerful to be surrounded by a group of such resilient, like-minded Asian American women from across the country who could so deeply relate to each other’s journeys. Beyond shared experiences, we became united in our commitment to overcome our histories and barriers to achieve holistic health, success and joy. The best part is the community and sisterhood continues after the retreat."

katerina j.

seattle, jan 2018

"The community I felt at The Cosmos' inaugural retreat was on a whole new level — a level I didn’t even know existed until that weekend. I was able to instantly identify with the personal stories of 19 strangers, realizing that their stories are also my stories. Now I'm part of an effortless sisterhood of Asian American women who are committed to helping each other thrive."