The Cosmos Wellness Retreats:
Flourish and Thrive Together

Our 3-day Retreats bring Asian women creators together to explore what it means to flourish and thrive - not just at work, but in all aspects of our lives. Our programming fosters what past attendees call "Effortless Sisterhood" – you meet new lifelong friends and learn from different perspectives. We celebrate each individual’s personal journey while fostering a true sense of community.

In 2018, we hosted retreats in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York. This year, our focus is on The Cosmos Summit: Home–bound - stay tuned to our newsletter for programming updates.

It was powerful to be surrounded by a group of such resilient, like-minded Asian American women from across the country who could so deeply relate to each other’s journeys.
— Jennifer X. (Seattle 2018)

Credits: Special thanks to Rebel Motion, an Asian woman-founded video production company, for filming, editing, and producing this video.

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