Karen Mok

COO & Co-Founder


Cassandra Lam

CEO & Co-Founder



When we met in 2017, we were T-I-R-E-D (so much so that we created a t-shirt about it). Cassandra clocked 60-hour weeks in a toxic consulting environment and basically lived out of a suitcase. Karen was taking leave from her tech job to heal her depression, triggered by so often being the only woman and person of color in the room.

Most of all, we were tired of feeling alone. So we wrote a Medium post about it. A month later, 20 strangers came to the first Cosmos Retreat. Today 11,000+ Asian women are meeting and supporting one another in community :)

We create events and experiences that center the experience of Asian women in America. This wouldn’t be possible without the folks of past and present who’ve paved the way for us to dream and fight. Thank you.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Karen Mok & Cassandra Lam

Co-Founders of The Cosmos