A community for Asian women to flourish and thrive through transformational Leadership Retreats, Workshops, and Events.

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Health & Wellness is our pillar of focus for the Summer 2018 Workshop Series. Our workshops are supportive spaces where we can tackle those tough-to-talk-about topics together. We're committed to empowering women to end mental health stigma, report sexual harassment, pursue pleasure and intimacy, celebrate body positivity, and more. When we are healthy and well on our own terms, we flourish and thrive.

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The Cosmos is changing the way Asian women live and work from the inside out. Our mission is to create a new paradigm for livelihood that celebrates wellness for Asian women through personal and professional growth. 

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The Cosmos Retreats: Flourish and Thrive Together

Our 3-day Retreats bring Asian women together to explore what it means to flourish and thrive - not just at work, but in all aspects of our lives. Through interactive workshops, hands-on activities, and thoughtfully facilitated conversations, we will re-imagine personal and professional growth as part of our overall wellness.

Past attendees call the experience "Effortless Sisterhood" - you will meet new lifelong friends, learn from new perspectives, and join a community that supports your best life during the Retreat and beyond.



October 5-7 // North Branch

Join The Cosmos in upstate New York for a transformative 3-Day Weekend Retreat that fosters what past attendees have called "Effortless Sisterhood" You'll learn how to overcome blockers, embrace your multidimensional identity through self-love, and live on your own terms as an Asian woman. Together, we'll explore personal and professional growth without any compromises while supporting one another on our individual healing journeys. That's our definition of wellness.

Best of all, you're not alone - we'll flourish side by side, in a culturally-informed context, with new lifelong friends that will support you over the weekend and beyond.

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Why Attend? Hear from our community members:

The retreat was the first time I met a group of ambitious, open, empowering Asian women all in the same room. Everyone was open and vulnerable which was so beautiful to witness. Cassandra and Karen have an incredible empathic ability to put soul into their events and I’m so grateful to have been part of the first one.
It was powerful to be surrounded by a group of such resilient, like-minded Asian American women from across the country who could so deeply relate to each other’s journeys. The best part is the community and sisterhood continues after the retreat.

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