✨ Group Hug 

A 12-week community care program for Asian women, femmes & non-binary folks to grieve, heal, and build collective resilience through somatic + creative practices

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💸 Sliding scale pricing starts at $600 + financial aid available
🫂 Mondays 5-6:30pm PT / 8-9:30pm ET from 3/28 - 6/27


Who is this for?

Asian, Pacific Islander, South Asian, or mixed race women, femmes, and non-binary individuals who want to co-create a care-filled community that centers our healing and helps us face the pain and potential of the present moment, together.



In moments of crisis, who do you turn to for support? If the people in your life don't understand, who can you turn to?


Realistically, it's our real life relationships — the people who we learned we can trust by going through tough sh!t together — that we feel most comfortable reaching out to, asking for help, or relying on. But as we enter year 3 of the global pandemic with war, climate crisis, and relentless attacks against marginalized groups (including anti-Asian violence), many of us have lost, outgrown, or become estranged from the people and/or spaces that once felt like home. 😔

Given the prevalent gaslighting that minimizes the violence Asian women, femmes, and non-binary folks suffer under systemic oppression, it is critical that we access a counter-reality that validates our experiences, affirms our humanity, and resources us for the long haul. ❤️ By acknowledging and tending to grief, anger, shame, and trauma in our everyday lives and activism, we are ensuring the sustainability of our people and therefore, our movements for change.

This program is a love letter to Asian women, femmes, and non-binary folks who have felt lost, exhausted, angry, scared, or alone in our pain. May we face the present moment together with the strength, courage, and hope that comes from being loved and cared for by community.

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What is our ethos?

Our experiences are designed for community care that simultaneously centers each individual's agency, story, and unique needs. This means embracing and making space for diverse learning styles, personality types, astrological signs, ways of being, and modes of gathering.

What's included?

  • 12 90-min weekly live group practices with replays
  • A toolkit of 12 somatic + creative practices you can rely on
  • Weekly journaling prompts 
  • Community: You'll get a personalized buddy, Care Constellation small group, and Whatsapp where you can ask for support, share resources (including memes that made you lol), and keep in touch with your new friends!!
  • Curated resources to dive deeper on themes or practices
  • A special surprise from Team Cosmos! 🎁

What you'll gain

GROUP HUG is designed with our collective exhaustion in mind. We recognize the struggle to care for ourselves while living under white supremacy, colonialism, and late-stage capitalism. So in this space, we will prioritize gentleness, comfort, and feeling good in our bodies, in whatever ways we can. Because our rest, pleasure, and joy is just as important as our pain in our healing journeys.
This is why we offer a spacious, flexible structure that prioritizes application > theory, embodiment > intellectualization, and practice > perfection. We also focus on small acts done daily, with the support of a community, so just show up, as you are. 🥰 We're working with your lived experiences, body, and needs so you are already the expert there!
Through somatic and creative practices, community grief rituals, and storytelling sessions, you will learn self + community care skills, practice caring for your everyday mental health in times of crisis, and form relationships that will hold you during and beyond the program.
  • Practical tools for emotional self-regulation that you can do anywhere and pull on any time you need to care for your mental health 
  • Embodiment practices that will help you feel for what your body needs in times of grief, pain, and trauma, so that you have ways of coming back home to yourself
  • Experience contributing to and being part of a trauma-informed yet healing-centered space that creates a safe-enough environment for us to grieve, witness each other, and practice community care in real-time
  • Opportunities to heal the shame and guilt that can come up when we prioritize caring for ourselves
  • Access to an intentional community and culture that centers our identities, validates our experiences, and affirms our humanity as Asian women, femmes, and non-binary folks


Each week, you'll receive journaling prompts to help you document your daily practices and grow body-mind awareness. By the end of the program, your daily journal becomes a rich toolkit.


During onboarding, you'll fill out a survey with your buddy matching preferences. At our Welcome Ceremony, you'll meet your buddy and connect with your Care Constellation for the first time.

Small Group

AKA your Care Constellation! Each small group will have up to 6 people. You'll meet independently with your group to get to know each other and build relationships rooted in community care.


This program will attract Asian women, femmes, and non-binary folks from all over who you can trust, lean on, and ask for help. We're all practicing giving and receiving in this community with you!


What our spaces feel like

We sometimes joke that you know you went to a Cosmos event if you cried from feeling seen, heard, and supported! 🤪 If you're new to our community, here's a non-exhaustive photo gallery of hugs Cosmos community members have given each other over the past 4 years!

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Pricing & Financial Aid

🔮 Registration ends Friday March 18th
💸 Sliding scale pricing starts at $600 + financial aid available
🫂 Mondays 5-6:30pm PT / 8-9:30pm ET from 3/28 - 6/27

We want to be honest that producing and facilitating a group program is an intensive undertaking.

Historically, our group programs have been capped at 14-20 participants max for intimacy and priced in the $2,000 - $3,000 range to reflect the resourcing, expertise, and energy these deeper experiences require. This price range was both in step with the market rate of other WFOC facilitators and what we needed to compensate our small team. However, in light of recent events, we felt a moral imperative to come up with a new approach — one that could serve more people while also generating what we need.

Since the pandemic began in 2020, we've hosted dozens of donation-based healing circles to provide rapid-response community care. Now, we'd like to create something more sustainable and effective, both for our team and you!
We're embracing a sliding scale pricing structure to increase our community's access to affordable, trauma-informed, and culturally-sensitive spaces for care and community. This pricing structure allows community members who have more access / privilege to redistribute funds so that community members with less access / privilege can join us, too.

We kindly ask that you consider what is available to you on a personal, professional, familial, and community level. We are also offering multiple 4-month payment plan options and a financial aid application if the Community Rate is inaccessible.

While we offer some guidance below for selecting a rate, there will be no applications, no burden of proof, no essays. We trust you to put community care into practice! As always, your dollars directly support our small all-Asian women team 🤗

Registration ends Fri 3/18!




Community Rate: $600

$600 or $200/mo

This rate is subsidized to increase access to care for our community.

Unemployed, student, salary <$50K or just need this rate!

Note: Our payment processor adds a 2.9% + $0.30 fee to each transaction, which you can see reflected in the payment pages below.


Advocate Rate: $1,200

$300/mo or $150/2 weeks

This rate reflects the true cost of the program and enables us to break-even.

Recommended if your salary is $50-75K


Note: Our payment processor adds a 2.9% + $0.30 fee to each transaction, which you can see reflected in the payment pages below.


Champion Rate: $2,400

$600/mo or $300/2 weeks

This rate helps us subsidize Advocate and Community Rate spots!

Recommended if your salary is $75K+

Note: Our payment processor adds a 2.9% + $0.30 fee to each transaction, which you can see reflected in the payment pages below.

Confirm your spot today by selecting the rate and payment plan that works for you!

What community members say about our spaces & programs

"It brought up so many raw emotions that I have not been able to let myself feel for a long time. To experience it in a loving community is so, so precious to me."

About Your Facilitator


👋 Hi, my name is Cassandra Lam (she/her) and I'm cofounder of The Cosmos.

My passion comes from the desire create what I didn't have while navigating my identity
 a community where we could be in the mess and magic of exploring and re-defining ourselves, together.

I was born in Covina, CA as the oldest daughter of Vietnamese boat refugees. Raised by parents with undiagnosed mental illness and untreated PTSD, I grew up a sensitive child in an unsafe environment defined by domestic violence, child abuse, and narcissism. To cope, I armored up, dissociated from my grief, and busied myself hustling and achieving. But when capitalism burned me out multiple times in my 20s, I learned, the hard way, the truth of Audre Lorde's wisdom:"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

These painful experiences sparked my obsession with somatics — a holistic methodology 
for individual and collective liberation that views the body as an essential site for change, learning, and transformation — as a way to heal. As I dove deeper into research on Asian American mental health and my training as a practitioner, I learned that many Asian folks, like me, related to themselves and/or their mental health from this body-based lens. It was also affirming to discover that this is because somatics IS Asian culture! I wish to reclaim this body of work from white supremacy to share this ancestral wisdom with our community.

Getting here took time and lots of individual work, but I NEVER could've done it without the support of people in my life! My healing journey (and those of other Cosmos community members I've been lucky to witness) has led me to theorize that friendship can be a fertile practice ground for freedom. 🌻 Meaning our relationships can be spaces where we question, experiment, dream, and create new ways of being and relating that can disrupt systems of oppression!

This program is designed to offer you practical tools and a tried-and-true support system, strengthened and emboldened by the relationships you will have built with other Asian women, femmes, and non-binary folks committed to caring for ourselves and each other. 🦋
Who I am: Transformation facilitator. Community caregiver inspired by the Healing Justice lineage. Somatic practitioner weaving mind, body, and spirit together. Human-centered experience designer. 

My positionalities + identities: Vietnamese-American. Older sister. Daughter of refugees. 1st in my family to go to college. Cisgender for now, questioning sexual/gender binaries. HSP/Empath. Newly neurodivergent and still figuring it out. Grew up working class, now lower middle class with social privilege. Public school + college educated. Able-bodied. Small business owner.

Fun stuff: Gemini Sun, Aries Moon, Libra Rising. Currently in my Saturn return, lol yikes! 6/2 Manifestor with Emotional Authority. ENFJ with equally strong hermit energy.

My teaching style: In the words of bell hooks, I teach to transgress aka believe education is the practice of freedom! Human-first. Love as a verb. Non-hierarchical. Anti-oppressive. Decolonization-in-progress. Trauma-informed but healing centered. Personal stories are powerful portals for reclamation and transformation. Inspired by the oral teaching traditions of our ancestors because f slides!!!