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It is owned by a Black woman who is a leader in the community. Her wisdom and compassion shines through. Her shop is super cute and she is now mostly online. She also supports Asian women in her community, me included.

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ILHA Candles are carefully handcrafted with cotton wicks, natural soy wax, and toxin free fragrances. To ensure each candle is handled with care, our candles are hand-poured in small batches, packaged and shipped from our Long Island City studio. 10% of net proceeds of Jasmine Green Tea will be donated to, an organization that connects and represents the diverse experiences of the next generation of the Taiwanese American community.



Each product is handcrafted and so affirming!

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We help you turn your health issues into non-issues, holistically and spiritually.

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I created Asian inspired candles because there weren't any brands that carried scents that reminded me of home. The candles I make are based on either nostalgic childhood memories or from my travels to Asia, like honeydew milk tea, white rabbit candy, peach soju, masala chai and mango sticky rice. Currently offering free US shipping on orders over $50. I'd be happy to include a pack of tealight samplers on all orders from The Cosmos Community. =)

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They tackle a lot of raw and real topics on their podcast and not afraid to get deep. The journal is also a great size and really high quality!