With your contribution, we can bring together the largest gathering of Asian women creators: The Cosmos Summit.


In 2019 we’re taking things to the next level with our big dream: The Cosmos Summit. This one-day experience will bring Asian women together to imagine and co-create a world where we grow our side hustles/businesses/dreams; learn from experts and peers in our community; feast on food by Asian woman-owned restaurants; and connect authentically through creation, like making a zine, jewelry, or a public art exhibit.

No superficial small talk. No cattiness. No judgment - just open conversation, support, and growth -- all the things The Cosmos is known for.


Your contribution will help us:

  • Make an initial deposit on venue rental

  • Use top quality audio/visual gear to ensure optimal sound quality  

  • Design a custom immersive art installation featuring work by women in the community

  • Create custom swag and goodie bags for all Summit attendees  

  • Rent chairs and decor for maximum Instagram-friendly aesthetic

  • Fairly compensate the programming & production team: photographers, videographers, workshop facilitators, artists