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“Create With Us” is a program for Asian women to share their skills and knowledge with the community through live, interactive workshops.  Our workshops gather 10-15 women in a community member’s home or mission-aligned spaces. Every woman who creates with us earns fifty percent of ticket revenue. Check out our Workshops for examples of the latest women who have created with The Cosmos.

The Cosmos team handles the logistics and marketing so you can focus on sharing what you know. There’s absolutely no experience necessary - we’ll coach you the whole way through.


Why Apply? Hear it from a community member:

The Cosmos created a safe space, where every one of us had permission to be our most authentic selves. For the first time in a long time, I felt heard. People told me that my feelings mattered, that my struggle was their struggle, and that I was more than enough. It was a powerful and healing experience to know that I wasn’t alone.


How It Works

Every season we accept up to 20 Asian women to Create With Us. For Summer 2018 we're looking for a few more Asian women therapists and coaches, so get in touch if that sounds like you! 

  1. Apply [15 min]: The Cosmos team and Community Advisory Board reviews all applications. We’re looking for a diversity of perspectives and enthusiasm over experience.
  2. Pre-production: [1-2 hours] Over an in-person or phone session, The Cosmos will help you turn what you know into a live, interactive workshop.
  3. Production [1-2 hours]: The Cosmos handles ticketing, social media, event production, day-of event management, and post-event feedback. We take care of the logistics so you don’t have to.



Share your dream workshop concept with us. Idea phase is welcome, and no experience is necessary!

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Do you have a friend who has an amazing skill or knowledge? You can support her by nominating her to Create With Us.

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Our Commitment: We recognize that the Asian community is incredibly diverse. our vision is to create a space where Asian women from different backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities can share and support one another as friends and sisters.