Introducing SISTERLAND, a delightful pop culture podcast


by Karen Mok, Co-Founder of The Cosmos

Every Sunday night I head over to my friend and Cosmos community member Leah Nichols’s home to stream the newest episode of Insecure on HBO. We live 1.8 miles apart. I get that nostalgia for high school days, like you’re just going to your friends house to hang (after that homework is done, I’m Asian y’all), no agenda, time is infinite and everything in life is possible. 

I binge watched two seasons of Insecure one weekend in May. I needed to someone to talk to about it, and the universe gave me Leah. I first met Leah on The Internet when she published the 100s AZNS list, an experiment to test if it was possible to identify 100 culturally influential Asians (it is). I didn’t make the list but I made a lifelong friend and now podcast co-host. 

Until today, I’ve tried to hide my fascination with pop culture. And only until the release of Crazy Rich Asians and the think pieces that followed did I realize why. I had never seen an Asian person talking about pop culture in a thoughtful and decidedly human way. I grew up on a steady diet of Entertainment Tonight, Extra, TMZ, US Weekly, People, Teen Vogue, American Girl, Highlights Magazine. Pop culture was a noticeable escape from the realities of the racism that still lurked the streets in the South. It helped my family feel more normal, more American, but in an escapism kind of way. We never saw people who looked like our family. And so I learned pop culture wasn’t for me. This was further affirmed by my failure to secure an audition to be Cho Chang in the Harry Potter movies. 

Talking about pop culture in Leah’s kitchen is the most fun I’ve had in a long time. And that is due to the brilliant buzz of Leah herself. An award-winning filmmaker, Leah works to celebrate connections across differences and expand media representations of underrepresented communities. She is best known for her short film 73 QUESTIONS (2017) which won the 2018 Social Impact Media Awards (SIMA) Creative Activism Award.

Today I am excited to announce our podcast collaboration SISTERLAND. We just did one episode, sitting on her bed, brilliant and buzzed, so we don’t have the big mission figured out yet. But *we* will be commenting on things pop culture, film, television, media, and celebrities. SISTERLAND won’t explicitly focus on Asian pop culture and media, so no, this is not a podcast for understanding K-pop.  We think it’s important to have Asian commentary on pop culture and media *in general*. 

Episode 1 is “To all the media I loved before”.


Here's what you can expect:

  • Can Asian Women have boobs and curves without slut-shaming and fetish-inducing? 
  • We compete on how many times we can watch To All The Boys I Ever Loved in one weekend. 
  • We coin the term “Asian American escapism”  
  • Lana Condor and Leah Nichols are adoptees with white parents. We discuss how they relate to “Asian American”
  • We friend request Yaeji...


  • To All The Boys I Loved Before (film)
  • Crazy Rich Asians (film)
  • Searching (film)
  • Friday Night Lights (TV Series)  
  • Something New (film)
  • Dear White People (TV Series)

Musical selection by Yaeji (we'll be featuring up and coming Asian artists so send us your recs!). 

Take a listen and tell us what you think. We take comments and questions at If you send hate or trolls we will banish you, thanks!!