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A community for Asian women to flourish and thrive through transformational Leadership Retreats, Workshops, and Events.

The Cosmos creates community, experiences, and content for Asian women to flourish and thrive.

  G. and P. meeting at The Cosmos LA Retreat!

G. and P. meeting at The Cosmos LA Retreat!

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The Cosmos Experiences are interactive, culturally-informed, and experiential. We organize workshops, events, and gatherings in partnership with Asian women in the community. Our experiences are inclusive of self-identifying women, femmes, gender non-conforming, queer, and transgender individuals of Asian, Pacific Islander, South Asian, and mixed race descent. Have an idea for partnering with The Cosmos? Get in touch with us!


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The Cosmos began with a simple yet powerful question:
What does it look like for Asian women to flourish and thrive?

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