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A community for Asian women to flourish and thrive through transformational Leadership Retreats, Workshops, and Events.
G. and P. meeting at The Cosmos LA Retreat.

G. and P. meeting at The Cosmos LA Retreat.

Get inspired to flourish and thrive by joining our community of Asian women creators and rule breakers. You’ll get access to offline experiences described as “effortless sisterhood” and an online community where thousands of Asian women are supporting each other’s work, sharing resources, and connecting over original content by Asian women, for Asian women. Sign up below to receive your invitation!


The Cosmos Summit


We’re raising $75,000 to produce The Cosmos Summit,
and we need your help.


In 2019, we’re taking things to the next level by producing The Cosmos Summit: a historical gathering of 500 Asian women creators and rule breakers in New York. This one-day experience in late summer 2019 will bring Asian women together to imagine a world where we can all flourish and thrive.

Today women of color receive less than 0.2% of venture capital funding. This is why we are crowdfunding and turning to our community of supporters for help.

The theme of the Summit is IMAGINATION. We are a community dreaming up the world we want to live in, that recognizes our identities and experiences.

  • Representation: How do we, as creators, make the representation that’s authentic to us? What does that look like?

  • Money: How do we make sure we’re getting paid what we deserve for what we make? How do we handle money in a healthy way, acknowledging money has been a taboo/sensitive topic in our culture.

  • Health & Wellbeing: How do we take care of our mental and physical health as we hustle, build, make, and create? How do we find care that is thoughtful about the Asian woman experience?

  • Support: How do we show up for each other as a community?